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Wow, I guess I'm making the first post here. =P Below the cut is some… - Gaia Give Away [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Oct. 18th, 2006|09:02 pm]
Gaia Give Away
[mood |fullfull]

Wow, I guess I'm making the first post here. =P
Below the cut is some free stuff I'm giving away, from fish to daily chance items.

I am cleaning out my inventory and getting rid of some Daily Chance items I don't want as well as flowers and fish. I'm not all that interested in fishing anymore, and all I am really collecting now are inks and bugs. So this is all of the stuff I'm giving away:

Daily Chance:
Flame Shirt (x1)
Blue Aerobic Step (x1)

Fishing Items:
Yellow Guppy (x1)
Red Guppy (x5)
Orange Guppy (x5)
White Pebbo Feeder (x29)
Blue Seedkin (x6)
Green Seedkin (x9)
Pink seedkin (x11)
Big Old Tire (x23)
Old Can (x12)

Blue Daffodil (x2)
White Carnations (x31)
Yellow Daffodil (x35)
Purple Daises (x2)
Pink Carnation (x3)
Pink Daffodil (x195)

Crumpled Newsprint (x3)
Crumpled Xeroz Paper Blue (x50)
Dirty crumpled newspaper (x6)
Crumpled newspaper (x58)
Crumpled green construction paper (x22)
Crumpled Xerox Paper white (x43)
Crumpled Paper bag (x39)
Crumpled Blue construction paper (x35)
Crumpled xerox paper goldenrod (x7

That's all for now.
It's first come first serve, and you can request up to two things.
When you request something, you get ALL of it. For example, if you request the pink daffodils, you're going to get all 195 of them. ( =
Just post what you want here, and start the trade, or post your username along with your request and I'll start the trade. It doesn't matter, either way. ^^

Also, please look at what people have requested before you so you can make sure it's not already gone. I may not have time to cross out what's already gone in time.

My username is Countess Spookula - please send trades there if you decide to start it yourself.
I am not online during the evening and night time, so if I don't send the stuff right away, I will.

From: spookie_boo
2006-10-19 06:52 pm (UTC)
Alrighty, trade is sent. ^^
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(Deleted comment)
From: spookie_boo
2006-10-20 06:16 pm (UTC)
Sure! =D
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